Wedding Gowns

Murad in a conversation with Relaxnews in his showroom during the haute couture fashion week event in Paris said that “You have outfits for your dinner, your cocktail, daytime. But a haute couture dress that you’ll hopefully only use once in a lifetime, that’s our niche in the market.”Murad, a great fashion designer who have recently created haute couture collections and ready-to-wear 300 specially designed dresses for his clients within one year. In his clients there are some Hollywood top stars and the families from Middle Eastern royal families. He told that his brand is also having a lot of customers in China, Russia and Middle Europe.
Haute couture trend is having a rising trend these days and the fashion designers have to change themselves and put their efforts in this field in order to provide satisfactory results and appreciation to their customers and help them with some new designs.According to Murad the trend of haute couture has changed and the designers must catch up with this change.He told when he was asked about the relation between the client and the designer that “the rich women don’t have time for fittings anymore.”

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